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    If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen diet pill advertisements and read numerous testimonials touting their effectiveness. Yet, despite the claims, you wonder – will diet pills work for me?

    If you want to lose weight and lose thigh fat fast, diet pills can be an effective option. For those with a consider amount of weight and fat to lose, diet pills can help you to initiate your weight loss program, jump-starting your efforts and helping you to lose those critical first few pounds.

    There is a good deal of medical evidence that diet pills and diet aids provide significant benefits to those seeking to lose body fat and weight.  You may, however, be confused by the different types of diet pills and supplements and exactly what they do and how they can help you.  To safety and permanently lose weight without pills, click here.

    Diet pills and supplements come in several different flavors.  There are prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and herbal supplements.  The lines among these different varieties, however, are blurring with drugs starting out as prescription drugs and ultimately crossing over into the over-the-counter market.  What follows is a brief summary of these types of diet aids.

    Prescription diet pills are only available with a doctor’s prescription, and include fat blockers and carbohydrate blockers.  These types of diet pills inhibits the action of the lipase enzyme.  When you eat foods containing fat, lipase breaks down the fat in the intestine.  Fat blockers remove some of the fat ingested through bowel movements instead of being broken down and absorbed.  Appetite suppressants affect the appetite-regulating region of the brain. These diet pills decrease your appetite by increasing serotonin, a chemical in the brain that affects mood and appetite.

    Over-the-counter diet pills work by increasing your energy while boosting metabolism.  Regulation regarding claims of efficacy and safety of these types of diet pills is provided by the FDA

    Herbal diet pills, also available without prescription, are found in health food and nutrition stores, as well as many pharmacies.  When engineered correctly, many herbal diet pills can be as effective, or even more so, that prescription diet medications.

    In deciding how to lose thigh fat fast, you may ultimately decide that some form of diet supplement is right for you.  Research the different diet pills available to help you to achieve immediate and sustainable fat and weight loss.  For a diet solution to lose weight quickly and permanently, click here.


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