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    Want to know how to lose thigh fat fast?  Many physicians would suggest that among the best ways to lose fat and concomitantly lose weight is by following a low fat diet regimen.

    Over the last number of years, however, there has been conflicting scientific evidence on both the effectiveness and health benefits to be derived by low fat dieting.  So, if you want to lose thigh fat or lose belly fat and improve your overall cardiovascular health, you may be confused as to whether or not you should embark on a low fat diet.  Click here to discover how to lose fat safely and permanently.

    Studies suggesting no long-term benefit from low fat diets, however, may have been skewed by the inclusion of large numbers of study subjects who did not actually follow their diets.  This points up a major problem that many have had with low fat dieting in losing fat and weight, and that is that many low fat dieters have difficulty in staying on their low fat regimens for a significant period of time.

    For those who have developed a low fat eating lifestyle, however, overall health levels appear to have improved and mortality rates from heart disease declined.  Research on so-called healthy high fat diets does not belie the benefits of low fat dieting.

    The extensive research on the cardiovascular benefits of the much touted Mediterranean diet demonstrates an important fact: cholesterol problems are not due to the amount of fats people eat, but the types of those fats. Italians and Greeks eat as much fat as Americans, but theirs is primarily olive oil, which provides large amounts of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

    The diet of the people of Okinawa, who have the longest lifespans on the planet, contains high amounts of fat (from fish and soy) and carbohydrates (from vegetables and rice), but is low in saturated fats.  Eskimos live on very high-fat foods, but Eskimos have low incidences of heart disease and arthritis because the fats they eat are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

    Typical Americans, conversely, consume large quantities of saturated fats and hydrogenated oils.  These “bad” fats can elevate cholesterol levels and cause cardiovascular disease.  Indeed, every society that has adopted American dietary habits has suffered major increases in heart attacks and strokes.

    Low fat diets with moderate amounts of protein and high-quality complex carbohydrates can be an effective way to lose thigh fat and weight.  Yet, to lose thigh fat fast, dieters will have to seek other solutions.  If one is seeking to reduce fat for its potential health benefits, however, low fat dieting can be a viable solution.  Yet, all low fat dieters must beware not to eat too many carbohydrates, particularly those so-called “low fat” foods filled with sugars and calories.  They must instead select their carbohydrates just as carefully as their fats.  To identify a simple, sustainable diet solution – CLICK HERE!

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